unique by design!

Here are some key features.

See what you could have done in real life with the time you spent playing LoL.

Created to be interactive, unique and fun! Try controlling each window!

Using the Export to PNG option, you can capture the window of your choice! A URL is generated for you to share it, too!

Show charts for a breakdown on the time you've spent playing Leaugue of Legends.

Displays your personal profile stats and links to other league related sites for your acount.

.. and more!

Recruiting fellow players!

To create this project, I have had to learn photoshop, javascript, laravel / php, nginx, reddis, mongodb, plus so much more! However, I am starting to need some help, because I have other projects to work on outside of League related ones.

If you meet any of the required experiences I've listed, contact me!

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I have created this website along with a desktop application called LoLSkinView. Neither of the websites generate any real revenue. Especially this one, considering there are NO ads of any sort!

So, if you appreciate my work and can afford to show me some love, I'd appreciate it!

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Answers to frequently asked questions

The project started off as a "learning" playground for my Laravel knowledge (and php for that matter). Originally, I wanted to show a player exactly how much time they spent playing League of Legends. Including the game modes played along with charts and visuals. Then I decided to add more statistics that relate to "real life" activities. This makes it not only fun, but enjoyable!

It is as accurate as possible! Normal games do not show statistics for the amount of losses in a game. So, I give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you've won 50% of the games total played. The total games are then compared to the "average" time a summoner spent in each game mode.

Ranked games however, show much more stats, including the amount of games you've lost. So, for the most part those numbers are more accurate.

Utilizing a technology called Geolocation, the site is able to automatically determine roughly where a user is located. Once a longitutde and latitude is determined, it uses Google Maps API to get the "distance" and "travel time" stats for driving to Riot's headquaters. Then, the math is broke down into smaller numbers, so days become hours. Finally, it takes your total "hours" played, and calculates the Trips to Riot and back that you could have made!

Unfortunately, this doesn't really work if you're not from North America unless you've played .... a lot!

I have a lot more features to put into place for my many concepts. I wanted to make something unique and different than the rest of the LoL sites popping up constantly. So, with this domain name it will add a personalized element dedicated to each summoner! The way the domain is read out creates a perfect memorizable location about each summoner.

For example: You're out at the club, or bar, or wherever. You meet someone who plays too, and you want to share your LoL name. Before this website was around, you'd tell them "Hey! My lol is X, let's play sometime!".

Bam! You can still do that PLUS now it's actually a visitable / rememberable domain!

Forget the http://www. Just simply say it out like it sounds! ""